ARC® is NURLU’s trade name for its line of polyamide (PA) products including injection molding and extrusion grades. Polyamide compounds on the basis of PA6 and PA 66 , containing desired percentage of minerals, available in a wide variety of viscosities and additive packages.

Due to their outstanding properties, different grades of polyamide compounds have become indispensable to many applications. They can be used for the production of stretched monofilaments such as industrial wires, fishing lines, tennis racket strings, weed trimmer lines and bristles.a variety of them are used in molding automobile parts , electronics, electronics, textile, packaging, domestic, military, and … industries.Some of the varieties our products in polyamide compounds range are:

√ Anti-strike polyamide 6 and 6.6

√ Special compounds such as PA / PP, PET / PA, PA / PE, PA / PET

√ Reinforced with glass fibers and mineral powders

√ Fireproof

√ Authentic